Ginger Donkey Hockey Predictions for NHL Conference Finals

GDH NHL Conference Finals Predictions
Conference Finals

Conference Finals Match-Ups

Western Conference

Dallas Stars Vs Vegas Golden Knights


Eastern Conference

Carolina Hurricanes Vs Florida Panthers

Review of the 2nd Round

Western Conference
Vegas over Edmonton in 6 games.

Dallas over Seattle in 7 games.


Eastern Conference


Florida over Toronto in 5 games.

Carolina over New Jersey in 5 games.



Proved to be a very interesting second round. All series were hard fought. For fans from Canada, disappointing is an understatement.  Both the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs were dispatched to the golf course.  They were the only two Canadian Teams to advance to the second round, and both had the high expectations of fans and experts alike.



The biggest surprise had to be the Florida Panthers.  They defeated the Leafs in 5 games.  Florida barely squeaked into the playoffs.  David and Goliath match-up in the First Round vs the Presidents’ Trophy winner Boston Bruins who had a record 65 win season. They upset Boston in seven games.


Perhaps Florida should be taken more seriously.



Seattle was surprising given they are a second year franchise. Pushed Dallas to the limit.



Conference Finals Predictions from GDH Contributors

Brad Mac

Brad Correctly predicted 3 Series winners of the 4 in Round 2.  Missed the Leafs / Panthers series.

Conference Predictions.

Carolina Vs Florida. Carolina in 6. Sweet Carolina.

Vegas Vs Dallas. Vegas in 7.

P Dunn

Dunn correctly predicted 3 Series winners in Round 2 as well.  Also missed on the Leafs / Panthers series.

Conference Predictions

Carolina Vs Florida. Carolina in 6.

Vegas Vs Dallas. Dallas in 7.

Colin Mac

Colin should be chirped. Correctly picked only 1 (One) series in Round 2. Come on C Mac, we are expecting more from You, given the salary compensation you receive from GDH. One strategy may be to pick the losers, and then submit them as your winners. 

Conference Predictions

Carolina Vs Florida. Florida in 7.

Vegas vs Dallas. Dallas in 7.

Donny Mac

Correctly picked 3 of 4 in last round. Missed on the Leafs / Panters.

Conference Predictions

Carolina Vs Florida. Carolina in 7.

Vegas Vs Dallas. Dallas in 7.

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