We Raise Our Hockey Sticks To Congratulate Canadian Golfer Nick Taylor On Winning the 2023 Canadian Open

We at Gingerdonkeyhockey.com raise out sticks to Canadian Golfer Nick Taylor who carried the hopes of the Canadian Nation on his shoulders at the recent 2023 Canadian Open PGA event held at the Oakdale Golf and Country Club.

Some descriptive words for his performance include, Electrifying, Intoxicating, Inspiring, Exhilarating to name a few.

As Canadians, we were on the edge of our seats.  Great to hear O’Canada so many times for all of our Canadian Golfers. So much fun.

You wonder after the 18th hole, how can Nick surpass the excitement of his recent Birdie putt, which was crucial to take Englishman Tommy Fleetwood into a playoff.  By the way, Playoff’s are part of the Canadian DNA.

Well, Nick did have more magic up his sleeve, or should we say, on his putter.  It took four exiting holes.  Then, lined up for a 72 foot eagle putt to win the tournament, what happened?  Well, the crowd went wild.  Drained it, right in the middle of the cup.  

This may go down as the longest putt to win a Championship in PGA history.  Certainly the most exciting in recent Canadian History.

Nick’s win ends a 69 year long drought since the last Canadian won the Canadian Open, going back to 1954 when Pat Fletcher was the Canadian Hero.  There is hope for the Leaf Fans, who have a drought going back to 1967.

Way to Go Nick, Aye!