NHL 2024 Stanley Cup Final Predictions From Ginger Donkey Hockey

The Finals are about to begin between the Florida Panthers and the Edmonton Oilers for sports most sought after and hard fought trophy, the Stanley Cup. It all comes down to this best of seven Final series. Ginger Donkey Hockey boasts some of the best mystics in the game. Who will win? The Drum is […]

GDH Boasts a Top NHL 2024 Playoff Prognosticator

Ginger Donkey Hockey may be a small hockey blog site, but it boasts one of the best Prognosticators of any sports program. The NHL is the best hockey league in the world, sporting the top talent. With the Cap being a major equalizer, parity is ever present among the playoff contenders. Photo courtesy of College […]

GDH’s 2024 NHL Conference Finals / 3rd Round Playoff Predictions

Round 2 is complete. One Canadian team remains in the Final 4, which is the Edmonton Oilers. We should expect close games and series. The Four Ginger Donkey Hockey Prognosticators will once again be making their selections. One of the Psychics is P Dunn, sporting a remarkable 11 of 12 success rate. May be the […]

GDH’s NHL 2024 Playoff Round 2 Predictions

Round One is in the books. A few close series without a major upset. Much Parity. Down to 8 very good teams, including 2 Canadian teams. With Edmonton playing Vancouver in this round of 8, 1 Canadian team will be in the final four. Go Canada Results of Round One Predictions GDH’s Writer / Guest […]


GDH’s 2024 NHL 1st Round Playoff Predictions Playoffs are back! The 2024 NHL Playoffs are back and should be exciting. Four different predictions from GDH’s writers / guests. It’s that time of the year. From coast to coast to coast in Canada and around the world. The playoff excitement is back. Expect hard fought close […]